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Week of Feb 25th

New All Time Highs!

We're getting to the point on indexes that I am looking for a sizeable correction as we are getting pretty over extended on the WEEKLY charts.

DXY:  DXY is stuck for all of Feb. I could make a bearish or bullish case for DXY, but the market is demanding patience. From the Monthly perspective, I am still expecting higher DXY - and this will put pressure on commodities like oil.

Energies: Oil is also in a range and has been in a trading range for 2 weeks now. I would REALLY prefer to see oil reach for 79.6 area to sweep some weekly liquidity levels before selling off.

DXY and Commodities are related to each other so again - the market is requiring patience. OIl on the Monthly is still bearish and this is all nothing but a noisy backtest.

Natural Gas - still nothing to write about. We had a few good days of a bounce in /NG, and then it went bid-less into Friday.

Interest Rates:  10yr looks ready for a pullback to ~ 4.07% - this will pump stocks and get bulls fired up before the next correction.

Indexes:  We are flat out in some insane manic bull-market. As a day trader, I can take positions intra-day and bail if things get sketchy - but that isn't for everyone.

We still have no nATH on The Nasdaq Composite - so that is something to keep an eye out for

I focus on /NQ and am looking to long the 17700 area if make a move down there.

So here is the setup for this week;

  • Bulls will be supported by a drop in rates

  • Look for dips to buy on NQ

  • Looking for a $2 bounce in oil to star the down trend being driven by the monthly chart.

Until next week - We'll be watching.

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